Ayo and Abiodun

Ayo and Abiodun’s wedding held recently in at a push location….arriving at the bride’s hotel in the early hours of the morning working alongside the primary photographer Affinity Q for the day it was happy snapping all the way till the end.The weather was fantastic and their family and friends just kept bringing the joy! From the very beginning of the day to the end they never stopped laughing or celebrating. Here a a few pictures capturing those moments that last forever…………

DAZ_3956.jpg DAZ_3943.jpg DAZ_3969.jpg DAZ_4034.jpg DAZ_4041.jpg DAZ_4064.jpg DAZ_4162.jpg DAZ_4180.jpg DAZ_4185.jpg DAZ_4188.jpg DAZ_4194.jpg DAZ_4244.jpg DAZ_4283.jpg DAZ_4290.jpg DAZ_4297.jpg DAZ_4322.jpg DAZ_4331.jpg DAZ_4357.jpg DAZ_4363.jpg DAZ_4374.jpg DAZ_4380.jpg DAZ_4397.jpg DAZ_4464.jpg DAZ_4474.jpg DAZ_4508.jpg DAZ_4513.jpg

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